About the Team


Jesse Crocker

From speed-skiing the John Muir Trail to kite-skiing across Greenland, Jesse is an accomplished skier with a deep commitment to adventure. As a co-founder of Gaia GPS, he played a crucial role in pioneering outdoor navigation technology. Between ventures, Jesse developed SnowTell, a specialized app aimed at visualizing SNOTEL station data for enthusiasts. Now, with Goat Maps, Jesse continues to innovate, enhancing the way outdoor enthusiasts engage with the environment.


Anna Hentzel Johnson

Anna is happiest when nestled in a snug tent in the backcountry, though the thrill of coding comes in a close second. Before founding Goat Maps, she co-founded Gaia GPS, where she spent 12 years merging her passions for hiking and software development. Prior to that, Anna worked at Google, and earned degrees in Mathematics and Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. She also enjoys board games and puzzlehunts, and lives near San Francisco with her family.


Ashli Baldwin

An avid hiker and overlander, Ashli has journeyed across the US in search of adventure and a good place to setup camp. also coming from Gaia GPS, Ashli brings her experience in product management and marketing to the Goat Maps team. Now living in Utah, Ashli enjoys exploring the desert and mountains with her husband and one year old son.